“GOLGOTHA” AT CHESTER CATHEDRAL – 18th of March to the 1st of May 2016

I wanted to mention this show for a number of reasons. First off, mainly because it looked absolutely fantastic in the cathedral, positioned as it was in front of the stained glass windows in the South Transept.

This is a space often used by the cathedral for public exhibitions. A fantastic space, very wide so that Golgotha could be easily displayed and giving an audience plenty of room to move in and around its structure and offering a long view of the sculpture too so that it could be approached from quite a distance inside the cathedral itself.
The space afforded a considerable height too and the whole piece was given the opportunity to show itself off in so many ways.

It looked dramatic.

Even the lighting…and I have to say this is the first time I’ve been in so large a space, cathedral or art gallery that had its own lighting crew who knew exactly what to do to show off the sculpture to its best effect

NEWS-1--David-Mach---Sunday-Telegraph---2016This was Golgotha’s third showing as a complete 3 figure sculpture, it having been previously shown in Edinburgh and Galway. Parts of the piece have been shown in Italy and London too but important for me that the whole work should be shown together again and lucky girl me in such a spectacular since as Chester Cathedral.

Showing in a cathedral can be substantially different to showing in an art gallery. I find that quite funny because we do tend to approach galleries, especially white cube type galleries in the same way we might approach a church or a religious centre- in that over reverential way as if we’re about to have a particular spiritual experience. We get ourselves ready for this, something I’ve always found difficult to deal with. I prefer it when an audience ” comes across ” my work and of course we could assume that approaching a cathedral might have the ” reverential ” effect but I have to say that somehow it didn’t feel like that and the audience to me seemed altogether more human and perhaps ready to be a bit more critical. Maybe just ready to have a look and take it from there.

NEWS 1 - Sculptor, David Mach , at Chester Cathedral with vice-dean, Canon Peter Howell-Jones In any case I enjoyed the experience. I felt good when I was there in amongst my art and in amongst people.
I have this experience in art galleries too of course although I still have a tendency to avoid hanging out in them if I can.
Perhaps that’s it! Perhaps showing in the cathedral reminded me of the days I would show me in parks, on a discotheque, on a moving tube train, in a swimming pool and so on.
Obviously it’s important for me to get out of galleries and into those different kinds of spaces.

© David Mach – 2016

pic 1 above – Golgotha at Chester Cathedral – Sunday Telegraph March 2016
pic 2 left – David Mach and Vice Dean Canon Peter Howell-Jones at Chester Cathedral