I became something of an accidental architect earlier this year as the plans for my first building ‘Mach 1’ were announced in May 2019. The building will be constructed from 30 shipping containers.

Mach 1 – Entrance view – Visualisation
Mach 1 – Side view – Visualisation

‘Mach 1’ is set to act as the marketing suite for the 43 Acre Edinburgh Park development master-planned by Dixon Jones. The building will also serve as an arts, events and conference venue and includes a large double height gallery space to exhibit a full site model, detailed building models, illustrations and information boards as well as audio-visual displays.

Already with a strong idea that they would like their Marketing Suite to be something eye-catching, Parabola, who manage the Edinburgh Park site, approached Pangolin London and invited them to put forward an artist who was willing to take on the challenge of designing a new building for the site.

Parabola chairman Peter Millican said: “Mach 1 will be an eye-catching and engaging piece of art, as well as a functional building from which we can communicate our vision. It will be a meeting place in which to engage with prospective tenants, residents, interested neighbours and visitors from further afield. It will also be a place that can welcome more diverse arts and cultural events on occasion, offering a striking venue to be used by the wider Edinburgh Community.”

Mach 1 – Terrace View – Visualisation

Gallery director Polly Bielecka said ” We are delighted that we have been able to work alongside David Mach, Parabola and Dixon Jones throughout this process. It is an exciting time for all involved and we look forward to continuing our working relationship as this project comes into fruition.”

Planning for ‘Mach 1’ has been accepted by Edinburgh City Council and the building is set to open in 2020.